Cell transplantation of human and mouse cells into immune compromised mice and greatly impacted our understanding of stem cell function, regeneration following injury, and cancer. However, these transplantation experiments routinely utilize small cohorts of mice due to high husbandry costs and engraftment of cells is difficult to visualize, especially at single cell resolution. Capitalizing on transparent zebrafish and genome engineering approaches, we are developing mutant zebrafish lines that have impaired immune cell function resulting from similar mutations as observed in commonly utilized immunocompromised mouse strains and mimic mutations found in human severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). These immune compromised zebrafish lines will be useful for adoptive transfer of zebrafish, mouse, and human cells. This work is supported by an R24 Resource Grant from the Office of the Director at NIH (R24OD016761).

The fish lines that can currently be requested are listed below. Please fill out the form and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

Line ZFIN ID Phenotype Publication (PMID #) Status
rag2 E450fs (AB)fb101T-, B-low25042784Available
rag2 E450fs (casper)fb101T-, B-low26790525Available
jak3 P369fs (casper)fb102T-, NK-27810924Available
prkdc D3612fs (casper)fb103T-, B-27810924Available
il2rga Y91fs (casper)fb104T-, NK-28878000Available
il2grb I30fs (casper)PendingNot CharacterizedPendingAvailable
zap70 Y442fs (casper)y442T-27601584Available
prkdc D3612fs, il2rga Y91fs (casper)PendingT-, B-, NK-SubmittedPending
nk-lysin 1-4 knockoutPendingNot CharacterizedPendingPending
rag2 knockout (casper)PendingNot CharacterizedPendingPending

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