zebrafish avatars of human cancer

The Langenau Lab has generated a number of immunocompromised zebrafish strains that efficiently engraft zebrafish, mouse, and human tumors.  These models are amenable to real-time imaging of cancer hallmarks at single cell resolution and have been used in preclinical modeling experiments to identify drug combinations for the treatment of human rhabdomyosarcoma. These models are now being assessed for engraftment of a wider array of human cancers, ES and iPS cells, and regenerative tissues.   

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Langenau Lab Publications in Immune-Compromised Zebrafish

  • Dissecting hematopoietic and renal cell heterogeneity in adult zebrafish at single-cell resolution using RNA sequencing. Tang Q, Iyer S, Lobbardi R, Moore JC, Chen H, Lareau C, Hebert C, Shaw ML, Neftel C, Suva ML, Ceol CJ, Bernards A, Aryee M, Pinello L, Drummond IA, Langenau DM. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2017;214(10):2875-2887.

  • Single-cell imaging of normal and malignant cell engraftment into optically clear prkdc-null SCID zebrafish. Moore JC, Tang Q, Yordán NT, Moore FE, Garcia EG, Lobbardi R, Ramakrishnan A, Marvin DL, Anselmo A, Sadreyev RI, Langenau DM. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2016;213(12):2575-2589.

  • Imaging tumour cell heterogeneity following cell transplantation into optically clear immune-deficient zebrafish. Tang Q, Moore JC, Ignatius MS, Tenente IM, Hayes MN, Garcia EG, Torres Yordán N, Bourque C, He S, Blackburn JS, Look AT, Houvras Y, Langenau DM. Nature Communications. 2016; 7:10358.

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